Puncture proof tires.


FERREBOL SL, ironmongery and polyurethane insulating materials Company was born in 1999. During this time, sides by side daily work with our clients have improved our knowledge and the quality of our products.


Six years later, we create a brand new company focused exclusively on polyurethane named DOSISPRAY S.L. This enterprise began producing dosing machines for polyurethane putty, lagged hoses, polyurethane systems and elastomers.


After 4 years of investigation and hard work in polyurethane environment including huge effort and creativity we finally carried out a patented puncture proof tire that works with the same functionality as the pneumatic one. A few months after the mass production kick off the success continue introducing two new small-size-tiers.


Our wheels are formed by tires made of a base of mixture of polymers, plastic rim of polypropylene. The large sized tire includes removable axle made of steel in order to be able to use in 99% of wheelbarrows produced in Spain. With this product and tow more tires size available in our portfolio, we achieve to reach to several utilities as wheelbarrows, cement mixers, generator and more.


Our commitment with you an all our clients is to continue developing our products, increasing quality and researching new ways to find new brand solutions for your business.


Puncture proof tires adaptable to a different utilities such
wheelbarrows, cement mixers, generator and more.